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Council elections June 2004 

The BNP have not made as many gains as they were hoping for so far.

 Where they have sitting councillors they have found it difficult to increase their representation - for example in both Burnley and Stoke the BNP won one seat but lost one of their sitting councillors, leaving them with the same number as they had before the elections (six and one). 

In Sandwell the BNP have lost their two councillors; they had one councillor in Thurrock and one in Dudley; they have now lost these as well.

However they have made inroads into newer areas, for example winning three seats in Epping Forest from Labour. 

At the moment the BNP have six councillors in Burnley, three in Epping, two in Stoke and one in Broxbourne. We haven't got results yet about the other councils where the BNP had councillors before.

Below is the latest YRE leaflet about the results: 

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