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No More Racist Murders: YRE demonstration against BNP HQ


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Sick of low pay, university top-up fees and not having anywhere to go? Angry at fat-cat pay rises, privatisation and crumbling public services?

Don't support the BNP

Unite to fight for jobs, homes & services

The BNP have no solutions!

We need a real alternative

Youth against Racism in Europe calls for trade unionists, community campaigners and socialists to stand in elections to put a genuine alternative to the pro-big business policies of the main parties. Together we can build a real alternative.

We need a new party that represents working-class people of all races and cultures. We need an end to the rule of the fat cat bosses and the career politicians. We need a society run for the needs of the millions, not for the profits of the millionaires.

The BNP, with its neo-Nazi leadership and divisive methods, has no solutions to the problems we face. They will only make things worse, increasing divisions and tensions in our communities and making it harder for us to fight back. We need to stop the BNP and unite to build a real alternative.

What is YRE?

We are an anti-racist youth organisation, democratically run and controlled by our members. We campaign against racism, prejudice and the far right. We are working to unite people to fight for a better society: one that is democratically run for the needs of all, not the profits of the few.

End low pay

  • increase the minimum wage

  • an end to exemptions and lower rates of pay for young people

No to cuts in services; Stop council tax rises

  • campaign for the money from central government

No to top-up fees – free education for all

No to racism – unite to fight for a better life for all

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The BNP said that they would oppose above-inflation rises in council tax and fight against cuts in many local services.

March 2003: BNP councillors in Burnley fail to oppose council tax rises or £1 million cuts. Then why did BNP councillors in Burnley allow the council to push through over £1 million of cuts in services last year without opposition, at the same time as council tax bills were rising by more than inflation? The BNP had three councillors in Burnley at the time, but not one of them turned up at the council meeting to vote against the proposals! March 2004: BNP councillors in Stoke vote in favour of above-inflation rise in council tax. In Stoke-on-Trent the BNP's two councillors voted with New Labour, the Tories, Liberal Democrats and independent councillors to raise council tax by 4.9 percent - almost double inflation, which is around 2.8%.

The BNP say that they support workers' rights and the trade unions.

Then why does the BNP oppose the firefighters' right to strike? The right to strike is the last resort for workers to defend themselves from bosses who won’t listen or negotiate. But during the firefighters' strikes, when the government was out to smash the fire brigades' union, the BNP said that firefighters: ‘must forego their ambiguous position of using strike action as a means of leverage in pay negotiations.’ (BNP website, 13 Nov 2002).

The BNP say that they are democratic and don't threaten anybody

Then why are so many BNP activists still linked to Combat 18, the paramilitary neo- Nazi organisation set up by the BNP in the early 1990s? The numbers stand for the first and the eighth letters of the alphabet: A and H, or Adolf Hitler. Most longstanding BNP activists are hardened neo-Nazis, who believe in building a mass movement to smash the trade unions, workers' organisations, and the democratic rights we have won through decades of struggle.

The BNP have changed their public image because they were fed up of getting no support. But the leadership and main activists of the BNP still support the same ideas and are quite prepared to threaten their opponents if they think they can get away with it. Don't support the BNP

The BNP have no solutions!

Unite to fight for jobs, homes & services

The BNP say that they are 'the only party that will make a difference'.

Where the BNP have been elected they haven't offered an alternative to the main three parties. In Halifax the BNP have even allowed a longstanding Tory Geoff Wallace to join them as their third councillor!

Will ex-Tory Geoff Wallace now pledge to oppose Tory policies like privatisation and cuts?

The BNP ignore the fact that in some areas socialist candidates have been elected as councillors and are putting up a genuine fight to represent local people.

Socialist councillors in Coventry and Lewisham are making a real difference. Socialist councillors have opposed privatisation - not just in an election leaflet like the BNP but in practice - campaigning day-in and day-out alongside trade unions and local communities; giving working-class people a voice in the council chamber and voting with their principles.

Where has the BNP been when socialists, trade unionists and young people have been campaigning against poverty pay, privatisation, tuition fees and other issues that affect us?

They criticise the problems that exist, but they don't have any solutions.