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Statement from the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans (UNDZ-UK)

The deportation conditions for Zimbabweans given the current situation in Zimbabwe is unethical.  That has been described by Kate Hoey as humanitarian catastrophe.  Human rights abuses condemned by Amnesty International and the United Nations.

We as Zimbabweans feel that the current position of the UK Government to remove Zimbabweans from the UK is both a violation of their human rights.  We feel that this Zimbabwean case is special in the sense that foreign and national organisations have agreed on the human rights abuses that have an currently are occurring in Zimbabwe under the brutal Mugabe regime.

Furthermore, the UK Government does not guarantee the safe arrival of Zimbabwean deportees.  It is widely known that Zimbabwean deportees face persecution upon arrival in Zimbabwe.  In support of the above statement, we have a letter to confirm this from the Archbishop of Bulawayo Pius Ncube and Professor Terrance Ranger of Oxford University, as witness statements. 

It is apparent that the UK Government has put faith in Tabo Mbeki to tackle the Zimbabwean situation since 2003 and has failed the Zimbabwean people.

Numbers of detainees, these people become stressed.  They are affected psychologically having to wait day by day, waiting in the darkness not knowing where they stand nor what to expect the following day.  Upon arrival into the detention centre, the detainees' wait beginning day to day, extending to weeks and then months in anxiety not knowing where their case is going and having no clue as to where in the immigration process their individual case is.  The communication process is extremely poor.  The factors build up anxiety leading to various forms of depression.  It is further psychologically distressing and depressing for genuine asylum seekers to be mixed with and even share quarters in the detention centres with known criminals that have records.  This practice is unfair and a dangerous position to put anybody who has had no formal training in dealing with somebody with a criminal psyche.

We also want to highlight the way detainees are treated during transit to the airport.  A number of cases have been brought to our attention where deportees are abused in transit en route to the airport.  These incidences have gone unheard for too long.  The physical and psychological harm indured by the detainees remains with them and haunts them for the remainder of their lives.

Among the detainees there are family men that have been separated from their wives and children.  They are being held and assumptions are made that detainees may abscond on upon release.  Surely this begs belief.  How can, as an example, a man with a young child abscond.

We hope you will bring our cause to the attention of the sympathetic public to understand our current plight.


Tafara Nhengu

Harmondsworth Removal Centre - 0208 283 3850 xtn 1113

Mafungasei Maikokera
Women's Co-ordinator of Detained Zimbabwean Women

Yarl's Wood Removal Centre - 01234 821000 room 236


Nobel Sibanda
07832 191659