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Oliver Campbell is innocent!

Clear his name now!

5-6 pm Monday 11 December 2006

Hackney Police Station

2 Lower Clapton Rd E5 0PA


To mark the 15th anniversary of a major miscarriage of justice we are protesting outside the police station where Oliver Campbell was first arrested....

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"Oliver Campbell should not have to wait a moment longer for justice"

Kirsty Wark, Rough Justice, January 2002

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I HAVE spent 12 years in prison for for a crime I didnít commit. The charge was murder and conspiracy to robbery. The incident happened in July 1990 in Hackney where a shopkeeper was shot dead.


Five months later I was arrested. The fingerprints they found at the scene didnít match mine. The only Ďevidenceí was a hat they found which had been worn by one of the suspects and it was like one that Iíd worn. But the hair they found in the hat was tested and it wasnít the same as mine. It didnít belong to me.

Thereís no forensic evidence, no ID evidence. At an identity parade, neither of the two witnesses to the crime picked me out as the man in the cap. One witness changed their mind after the police spoke to them.

The witness said the person who did the crime was 5 foot 8 or 5 foot 10, but Iím 6 ft 3 inches. The man who was sentenced to five years for robbery said I was not involved but this evidence was not heard in court.

A TV programme Rough Justice highlighted all the injustices I suffered and called it a miscarriage of justice. All the evidence points to someone else.

When the government set up the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) and said it would investigate suspected miscarriages of justice, it gave a lot of hope to people like myself. The CCRC could recommend whether convictions or sentences should be referred to a court of appeal.

Unfortunately the CCRC have turned my legal case down. My legal teams are very angry and weíre going for legal aid to take the CCRCís judgement to judicial review.

The CCRC obviously still think Iím guilty so Iíve got a life sentence hanging over me. The police can still pull me up at any time on anything. Iíve still got a criminal record for an offence I didnít commit.

I want my name cleared. Why should I still be at risk and have a crime against my name when I didnít commit the crime?

But the CCRC didnít accept my legal teamís arguments Ė we wanted them to send the case to the Appeal Court and ask for it to be quashed. But the CCRC have washed their hands of it and refused to refer my case to the Court of Appeal.

I think this is wrong. Iíve been a victim of a miscarriage of justice. If it takes me the rest of my life to clear my name, I would do that. We should write letters to the press and politicians and put pressure on the Home Office and CCRC to get them to take up my case and refer it back to the appeal court.


Oliver is now out of prison on license. His solicitors have applied for a Judicial Review of the CCRC's decision.


What you can do:

  • Distribute leaflets about Oliver's case. Leaflet on Oliver Campbell PDF (875k)

  • Get people to sign a petition/send a postcard to Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

  • Organise a meeting to show a DVD about Oliver's case.

  • Make a donation to support the campaign.


Please contact the YRE for more information:


Leaflet on Oliver Campbell PDF (875k)