I would like to place an order for the following material:

YRE schools handout (4 pages) @ £5 per hundred

Extract from the anti-racist education pack produced in 1996 (currently being updated)

Stop racism in our schools, by Hackney school students (16 pages) @ 50p each

A report of a survey about racism in schools in Hackney, written by the school students who organised the survey. Produced in 1994.

Anti-racist education resource pack (64 pages) @ £5 each, or £2.50 concessions or bulk orders (10 packs or more)

Produced in 1996.

Standing Up To Racism @ £10 organisations; £5 individuals

Eight minute video about racism in Britain today. Covers racist attacks, harassment discrimination and the causes of racist attitudes. The central message is that everyone can help in the fight against racism. Produced in 1999.

Add 10% postage and packing (UK). 

For orders from other countries please phone us on ++44 20 8558 7947 for postage costs.

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