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Sponsoring YRE Educational Resources

We are working to update the YRE's Anti-Racist Education Pack which has been so successfully used in schools, youth clubs, trade unions and many other places.

More than five and a half thousand copies have been sold, to an enormous variety of people. UNISON (the public-sector trade union), for example, bought a copy of the YRE pack for every branch.

New education pack

The new education pack will be brought up to date, improved and expanded. We particularly want to make the layout more spacious. This means more pages and more expense.

The support of trade unionists and other antiracists was vital in the production of the first edition of the pack, and your support today will help produce a new pack of a quality that we cannot afford at the moment.


Any donation you can make to sponsor the pack will go towards printing costs, publicity and a small amount of volunteers' expenses (the whole project is being done by volunteers).

A list of sponsors will be published in the finished pack along with messages of support from them.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us, phone us on 020 8558 7947 or write to PO Box 858, London E11 1YG

Please print this form off and return it with your details to YRE, PO Box 858, London Ell 1 YG


I / We would like to make a donation to support the YRE's new Anti-Racist Education Pack.

We enclose a cheque for £50      £100      other:£_______

I / We would like the following message of support published in the pack

Contact name:

Organisation/school: (if any)




I would / would not like to be put on the YRE’s anti-racist education mailing list


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